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Metal brackets in Mahón, orthodontics in Mahón, dentist in Mahón, dental clinic in Mahón The classic system by excellence, the metal brackets, is still positioned – despite the years – as one of the most requested techniques, both by adolescents and adults, to correct the position of the teeth, for its effectiveness and for its low cost, if we compare it with other methods.

Orthodontics with metal brackets helps you to correct any problem you are suffering related to the alignment and bite of the dentition. Manufactured with biomedical stainless steel, they avoid the appearance of all types of allergies (if the patient is allergic to nickel, we can opt for titanium or opt for aesthetic brackets).

Problems that can be solved with metal brackets

With the metal brackets in Mahón can be treated, among others, the following oral problems:

  • Crooked teeth due to accidents or birth.
  • Close interdental spaces.
  • Correct outgoing upper teeth.
  • Bad occlusion.

Advantages of wearing metal brackets

The traditional metal orthodontics in our dental clinic in Mahón offers a number of advantages to patients who decide to opt for it:

  • Efficient: it is the most widely used orthodontics of all those that exist, so it has proven its effectiveness over the years.
  • Resistant: its metallic material makes it practically impossible for brackets and arches to break.
  • Economical: it is more affordable than sapphire brackets, invisible orthodontic aligners and lingual brackets.

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Types of Orthodontics in Mahón

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