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dentist in Mahón, dental clinic in Mahón, dental whitening in Mahón Dental whitening is the cosmetic dental treatment most commonly used to correct any type of defect related to dental enamel coloring. In Clinica Blanc we perform dental whitening in Mahón, a treatment that achieves to reduce various tones of the enamel color, giving as result a whiter and brighter smile.

In our dental clinic in Maó we work with LED dental whitening treatments in consultation or ambulatories, by means of splints in the patient’s home. In any of the cases, we use high-end materials to ensure the results of the treatment in the oral cavity of our patients.

What types of dental whitening do we offer in our clinic?

Dental whitening in clinic

This is the type of whitening that takes place in the dental cabinet and that is performed by the dentist. The procedure consists of applying a highly concentrated whitening gel that is powered by an LED light. Some of its main advantages are speed and efficiency, since it is usually performed in a single session and the results are seen immediately. In addition, it is very comfortable for the patient and side effects are minimal.

Dental whitening at home

The patient receives splints with a whitening gel, less powerful than the one applied in the clinic, to wear at home during a few hours a day. This process takes several weeks and should always be supervised by your dentist in Mahón. Its main advantage is that the patient chooses when to wear the splints, thus adapting the treatment to their rhythm of life.

Dental whitening combined

This type of whitening mixes the two previous types. After of making yourself the session at the clinic, the patient will wear the splints with the whitening gel at home. This option is ideal for those people who have the darker dentition.

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