Conservative dentistry in Mahón, dentist in Mahon, dental clinic in MahónConservative dentistry encompasses a set of dental techniques that seeks to preserve, with minimal invasion, the dentition. It is used to restore the areas damaged by cavities and other pathologies, working the damaged tissue without influencing the rest of the dental piece, avoiding extraction whenever possible. At Clínica Blanc, we are committed to conservative dentistry, as we trust in prevention as the basis of oral health.

Most of the oral problems that we treat with this type of dentistry are due to bad nutrition, inefficient hygiene or hereditary factors. The most common preventive treatments are:

  • Dental cleaning: also known as prophylaxis. It is performed with the aim of eliminating tartar and bacterial plaque accumulation, which cannot be removed only with daily oral hygiene.
  • Fillings: in the face of cavities, the damaged tissue is removed and a composite is placed on the dental piece.
  • Dental reconstruction: it helps to recover the anatomy of the damaged dentition, by means of a series of techniques, and, with it, its functionality and aesthetics.

Oral hygiene: the best prevention

It is a fact: the foundation of good oral health is proper daily hygiene. In addition to the dental brushing after each meal and for a minimum of two minutes, you should also use other elements such as the mouthwash and dental floss, change the brush every three months and carry out a diet that includes foods beneficial to the gums and dentition.

Why are dental check-ups important?

Many oral problems do not show symptoms until they are at an advanced stage. For this reason, it is necessary to have regular check-ups at the dentist. In this way, certain pathologies can be diagnosed and stopped on time, avoiding serious oral problems.

From our dental clinic in Mahón, we advise you to visit a dentist at least twice a year. ¡Make your appointment with us and we will help you to show off your smile!

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