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Dental Sanitation and Reconstructions in Mahón, Conservative Dentistry in Mahón, Dentist in Mahón, Dental Clinic in MahónDental reconstruction is a procedure that consists on repairing the damaged dentition. It is considered reconstruction when it is necessary to repair the majority of the teeth. Its main objective is to restore functionality and solve aesthetic problems arising.

In our dental clinic in Mahón, we carry out this method as a solution to chipped, broken or fractured teeth. Through a personalized study, our dentists will work on your case betting on the benefits of conservative dentistry, whenever possible, and dental aesthetics. Fractures in dental pieces are often linked to trauma of various kinds, as well as cavities. Did you know that bacterias can spoil oral tissues to the point that the pieces end up breaking?

Dental reconstruction can be applied to a single tooth or to several teeth, including the entire dentition. When the loss is severe and / or several pieces, implants or crowns are placed to return the oral cavity to its normal functionality and appearance.

Types of Dental Reconstructions

The restoration of affected dental pieces can be done by various techniques:

  • Composite: this material can be used if the area to be reconstructed is not very large.
  • Crown and pin: when the tooth is very affected but its roots can still be saved, we place a crown on pin.
  • Incrustations: these are carried out when the damage to the dental piece is superficial but of great extension.
  • Dental veneers: these thin sheets of composite or porcelain are an aesthetic treatment that serves to disguise defects in the dentition.

Dental Sanitation

Having a proper dental cleaning is key for anyone in order to eliminate the bacterial plaque that is generated inside and thus prevent the emergence of diseases. Dental prophylaxis is a deep cleaning procedure that helps us fight against germs that attack our teeth and gums. Regular professional teeth cleaning is essential to prevent certain pathologies, such as periodontal disease.

Contact us and we will help you recover the functionality and aesthetics of your smile, as well as improve your oral health. ¡We are waiting for you with a great smile!

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