Our team of professionals in dental aesthetics in Mahón is concerned because the smile of our patients, in addition to being healthy, it has a caring and aesthetic aspect.

This branch of dentistry covers both principles, and that is why at Clínica Blanc we take care of the appearance of your dentition with dental treatments made to measure. ¡Put yourself in our hands and your smile will shine with its own light!

Dental Aesthetic Treatments in Mahón: What do they consist of?

If you want to boast of perfect teeth and recover your self-confidence, our dentists in Maó will carry out an exhaustive and personalised examination of your oral cavity, proportions and factions, through various tests and x-rays.

Thanks to this procedure, we design your ideal aesthetic dental treatment. We take into account factors such as the size of your dental pieces, as well as their color and position. With all this information, we determine which dental aesthetic treatment in Mahon is the most appropriate to improve the appearance of your smile.

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Types of treatments of Dental Aesthetics

Dental whitening

To get a dazzling dentition, this is the most demanded treatment! We help you to recover a more aesthetic and brilliant image of your teeth, whitening the dental enamel several shades. You will perceive how the typical stains that stain your smile, caused by coffee or tobacco, disappear.

With our dental whitening in clinic and with reinforcement at home you will obtain spectacular results. In Clínica Blanc our treatment with light acts directly on the whitening gel applied by the dentist, increasing its whitening properties. Afterwards, the patient will follow up and reinforce the treatment at home to prolong the effect, always under the supervision of the dentist.

Dental veneers

Our dental veneers, made of composite or ceramic, give your smile a natural look. Generally, their strength is similar to that of original dental pieces. This dental esthetics treatment in Mahón camouflages the irregularities of your dentition, superimposing thin sheets on the external face. There are two types of aesthetic veneers, according to the
construction process:

  • Direct dental veneers: they are designed on the tooth itself, in a single session.
  • Indirect dental veneers: they are manufactured in the laboratory, from the patient’s teeth mold.

Zirconium crowns: Procera system

This technique uses technology design and milling computer (CAD-CAM) to produce high-quality zirconia crowns. Through this treatment, in Clínica Blanc we carry out restorations with zirconium crowns in Mahón.

Zirconium crowns are completely ceramic, so they do not cause any complication in the patient and they are especially recommended for the oral cavity due to its aestheticity.


Thanks to the Digital Smile Design (DSD) technique in Mahón you will be able to see virtually the aesthetic improvements that will originate in your smile after your treatment, even before starting the treatment planned by the dentist. You will be able to participate in the design process by checking the results yourself!

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